The idea to create a book of poetry titled Girl Poems was originally sprouted from a desire to spit in the face of gender roles, specifically, my own dissatisfaction with aligning with standards and mannerisms expected by females. My writing of poems and prose were tongue-in-cheek caricature-like experiences of being a girl. I described in grotesque-style what being born a girl entailed as far as the eye of society dictated.  I realized though, that although I aimed towards androgyny-both from myself and more individuals in general, there were certain pleasures found in embracing the role of being a girl. And so I captured that definition through word, for superficiality is an art.


After a while I didn’t know who I was. So I stuck to titles, things like age and gender. But even those require your own breathe of meaning. Once I deem something vague, I can give it my own interpretation. We all can.

-Nakada Wilson, Author 

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You have to love yourself. You have to wake up at five in the morning with a cup of tea, watching the pink and orange hues lightning the sky. You’ve got to bundle yourself in knit sweaters and read your favourite book again and again. Play your favorite book on repeat. Dance in the rain, sway in the sunshine. Dress in your favorite jeans and sweaters. Wear makeup or natural-do whatever you’d like as long as you love yourself. 

-Ashley Mockk, featured writer 

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-Featured Writer for Girl Poems-

Alyssa Matuchniak, is a 22-year-old half-kid, half-adult. She writes poetry, plays piano, and sings for fun. She has no idea what to do with her life, but takes comfort in the fact that most people don’t.

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“Curious girl, she.
With stardust caught in her hair
And mud on her shoes”

-Erin Van Handel, Featured Writer for Girl Poems



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  1. Highly enlightened Queen ✨ Jahla Love🙌. I wish you all the best as you take on this feat. I’m truly in love with, deeply captive and moved by you direction. 💕💙 –Egypt


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