In their stories, we are always flowers

Dust off old books. Whisper alchemy into pages. Add water

and wait for a woman to sprout. Call her by names you carve

into marble statues but not bodies. Hang goddesses from your

lips. Let a poem bubble from your lust. Open her legs and plant

a garden of hands and tongues. Write sonnets about her tulip

pout. Watch her mouth for signs of erasure and palimpsest.

Gird your loins at the thought of her silent pucker. Tell her she

is a petal pollinated by verse. Wait for swelling. Watch her roots

for signs of rupture. A cracked infinite. Watch for an earth split

into rubble. A soil unripe for flowers.


– Written by Alyssa Matuchniak, Guest and featured writer for Girl Poems, set to release late Spring

Find more of her writing here:


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